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ULAX NYC Week One Video

Week One of ULAX’s Fall New York City League is done and in the books. The Brooklyn Dodgers played the Brooklyn LC, took on the Gotham Goats, and the game of the day was vs. Roll ‘Gate. TIU has a mix of MLL, D1, D3, and club players on the roster while Roll ‘Gate is made up of Colgate alums, as well as number of players from Lafayette.

John Ray filled in at goalie for the Brooklyn LC, and they beat the Dodgers 4-2. Gotham Goats took LAS to the wood shed a little bit, and won big, 8-2. LAS is made up of free agents, so it may take us a week or two to find our footing. I’m also playing with, and our game with Roll ‘Gate was the game of the day, with TIU coming out on top, 6-5.

The league features great diversity in terms of talent and experience, and it’s not uncommon to see a Wisconsin helmet or local HS player matched up against a D1 alum or current MLL player. The games are fun, and can get a little intense, but everyone keeps a certain moniker in mind during the action: “we all have to work on Monday.” You can look forward to more highlights as the fall season continues.