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Stringing Revolution delivers ultimate foundation for stringing lacrosse sticks

Greg Rose, featured in the video above, is a good friend of mine, so when he asked me to check out his new instructional video series a couple of months ago, I was happy to give it a watch. He asked me to do a review on it, since he respects my abilities as a lacrosse stringer and teacher, and I obliged, because that’s what friends do.

Beyond knowing the series was about stringing, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But as I watched the very first segment come to an end, I knew Stringing Revolution could be a game changer. It is not everyday you get the opportunity to be taught by someone like Greg – a guy who is accepting of all people and all thing – and he truly makes the perfect teacher for anyone seeking to learn more about stringing, beginner to advanced.

After watching the whole series a few times, it was clear to the LAS staff that we needed to wrap Greg’s amazing instructional expertise into our new #StringItForward membership campaign, and thus began a really cool partnership. Now, when you become an MVP member of, you get streaming access to the entire Stringing Revolution video series.

The video series is a truly excellent piece of work, and Greg’s insight into stringing is valuable to lacrosse players of all ages. Greg does a fantastic job of going into detail, and fully explaining the methodology and thought process behind a pocket. No matter your age or skill level, the series is sure to teach you how to string a consistently excellent mesh pocket, even if it is your very first time stringing a stick.

Greg covers basics, like stringing terminology, right off the bat. He gets everyone speaking the same language first, and then he gets into some very basic theory, which many stringers usually are forced to figure out for themselves. I know it took me years of trial and error to learn all the stuff Greg covered in the first 15 minutes. After dropping some basic knowledge bombs on you, Greg dives into stringing the lacrosse stick and teaches you how to master this very important craft.

What I really like about Greg’s style of teaching is that he is open-minded, and not completely set in his ways. He realizes that pockets, sticks, and stringing techniques will continue to evolve, and he does a great job of focusing on the key elements that should hold up to the test of time. Greg provides you with the tools, so you can do the work for yourself!

The video series is long and packed with a ton of information, but it’s not dense either. Kids as well as older first-time stringers will be able to learn from it without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll enjoy the excellent footage. If you’re more of an audio learner, Greg does a great job of explaining things. If you learn by osmosis, then you have a lot to take in. But in the end, everyone is covered!

I get questions from kids on stringing all the time. About a third of them ask me how I got into it, and how they can get started. Typically my answer is trial and error, necessity, and a lot of practice. But lately that’s changed a bit… Now I point to Stringing Revolution as a great place to start. Include this informative video series in your game plan for learning how to string, and I can guarantee you’ll get a MUCH better start than I did.

Knowledge is power, and Greg Rose isn’t afraid to share his with you. Stringing Revolution delivers the ultimate foundation for stringing lacrosse sticks.