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Ultimate Review: The Hawk from Epoch Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: Thanks for checking out this fan montage featuring various gear reviews of The Hawk head from Epoch Lacrosse! The crew over at Epoch are proud of their first head to hit the market and even more proud of the fans getting behind it.

Instead of publishing a new Tie Up Tuesday installment this week, we decided to take a step back and let the audience speak for The Hawk.

This is our way of giving a shout-out to all of our awesome 382 Crew members and everyone else who took the time to put their thoughts on our debut lacrosse head on video.

Everyone’s opinion of this very unique head are quite different so we wanted the different voices from around the globe to sound off on all of the key characteristics of The Hawk. These characteristics vary from the high pocket factoring structure to the laid-back face design, the grooved scope, the matte finish and more.

We just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review The Hawk. Let us know what you think about our products in the comment section below!

Live. Play. Be.
Team Epoch