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UMBC Lacrosse Uniforms: Take It To The Next Level!

UMBC is blessed with yellow, black and white as their colors.  There is absolutely no need to bring in grey here.  I’ll stick with what the Retrievers gave me.  UMBC Lacrosse uniforms have had some really good lately and they almost always look better with a yellow or black helmet.  They could definitely pull off a white helmet but they’ll have to do something pretty special to pull it off correctly.

Let’s start with what they’re doing right:

Thanks to for the photo! Such consistently high quality work over there!

I like the black helmets, their gloves have been great recently if you look closely, you can see a slight striping in their black shorts.  They mostly yellow jersey is nice and breaks up the black.  Overall, a really good but conservative approach.

Last year, UMBC also had pinstriped Brine gloves and I’d like to see them take this a bit further in 2011.  Coach Tumbas at Indiana University decided to borrow a tradition from their basketball team and went with striped practice shorts.  UMBC should do this with their game shorts.  Imagine this in black and yellow with a retriever logo on the left leg, number on the right.

These would be amazing for UMBC.

Pair that with a simple yellow black or white jersey and you can do whatever you want with the helmet.  Yellow, black and white would all work just fine.  Personally, I’d go with this number most of the time:

Place the Retriever logo on one side, player number on the other. Yellow MOHAWK would be yellow and black stripes like the shorts. same idea with the backpanel.

UMBC has usually puts together a good uniform but they have the chance to really leverage those colors into some of the best uniform options out there.  They’re not afraid to go bright and feature the yellow prominently, so why not go all the way and really hit that next level?

Or they could base their uniform off of a mock up for an Aussie rules football uniform.  I guess we’re not the ONLY people out there who think like this.

Aussies LOVE stripes. Seriously.

(photos courtesy, cascade lacrosse, bigfooty)