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Unclaimed 2014 Face Off Specialist

JP Masaryk is a rising senior (2014) from Fairfield Prep in Fairfield, CT and surprisingly, this Face Off prospect hasn’t committed anywhere yet. Late bloomer in the house? Perhaps!

Check out the video of JP below, and tell me this kid doesn’t have some potential!

My first comments on JP’s video are resoundingly positive. I love that more than just the face off “win” is shown. This tape shows that Masaryk is also confident with the ball (and in both hands), and that he can make good decisions after securing possession. The little things can make a big difference in getting people’s attention.

The many different ways that JP wins a draw is also impressive, but if I had one complaint, it’s that we never see JP lose a face off, and then play defense. When a player gets to college, being able to defend off a face off loss is huge. And everyone loses a face off sometimes. That’s just life. From the video I just can’t tell anything about this part of his game.

Overall, it’s a really solid display of what this player can do. For your reference, here are JP’s FULL Summer Highlights:

At the :35 second mark, we even see JP win a one handed face off. I didn’t even know that was a thing. It also shows JP’s abilities on the offensive end of the field a bit more, and I liked seeing this diversity from a player that is interested in being a specialty (FoGo) position player.