Under Armour Command head – Video Gear Review


Connor Wilson from Lacrosse All Stars puts his expertise to the test as he reviews and ties up the new Under Armour Command head. Built to withstand any condition, the Command head is also set up to be a stringer’s dream. Watch how Connor strings up the Command, then comment below on how you would string it up.

Command Head from UA Lacrosse

Pick up the new Command head and all of your stringing supplies at LACROSSE.COM.

You can find the Command Head HERE: http://bit.ly/21mRywR
And you can find all the Stringing Supplies you will need here: http://bit.ly/21x17WJ

The Command head from Under Armour is stiff, tough, and easy to string. It has a great face shape, and is UA’s best head to date. You can pick one up in white, black, or grey, and they take dye well if you’re into that sort of thing! A number of top level college programs are using this product in 2016, and you can also see a ton of NLL guys picking up the Command as their new weapon of choice. UA has gone all-in on this head for 2016, and it’s a ROCK SOLID product, well worth your time and interest.

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