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US Indoor Lacrosse Team Tryout Videos

US Indoor Lacrosse

US Indoor Lacrosse held tryouts for the US National Team that will head over to Prague later this year to compete in the Box Lacrosse World Championships aka the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, or WILC.  Canada and the Iroquois will obviously be sending teams and countries like Australia, the Czech Republic and Ireland are hoping to somehow break into the Top 3, which has been all but locked up by the aforementioned Canada, Iroquois and US (in that order usually).  Will any of these teams manage to make the jump in 2011?  It’s doubtful but the Czechs are playing at home, so it could happen.  Still, it’s doubtful.

US Indoor Lacrosse


For a taste of what the tryouts were like, we’ve got 6 short videos from the US Team.  They took place last fall in New Jersey and these videos are decent proof that the US is coming along in the box game.  We’re nowhere near where we should be, but it’s coming!  Enjoy these short clips and fall in love with box lacrosse.  It’s a beautiful, brutal game.  Execellenté.

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