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US Indoor Team Releases Roster

The United States Indoor Lacrosse team released their roster for the Bowhunter Cup, which is a one game series that will be played this weekend in Syracuse, NY against the Iroquois Nationals.  2 weeks ago, the US held tryouts and this is the team they put together for the event but it is unlikely that this will be the Final roster judging by some of the guys (and gals) on the team.  Yes, you read the parentheses text correctly.

Casey Powell leads the team and he’s joined by other big name US players like Bill McGlone, Joe Walters, Matt Zash, Brett Queener, Steve Panarelli, Jack Reid, Kevin Buchanan, Chris Schiller, Kevin Unterstein and Regy Thorpe.  There are a couple of guys from the lower NCAA divisions in recent Merrimack All-American Greg Rogowski (D2) and Nazareth All-American Ryan Hotaling (D3).

One of the goalies named to the team, Ginny Capicchioni, is the first woman to ever play in the NLL when she played in one game for 11 minutes making 7 saves and giving up 6 goals back in 2003.  She played her college ball at Sacred Heart.  She has been playing with the US Development Team recently so she is clearly taking this quite seriously.  All of this info is from Wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt. It will be interesting to see if she sees the floor against the Iroquois, who don’t traditionally have many women play the game.

The Iroquois team has still not been announced (at least not that I could find) but they will be able to put together a good group without question.  The US team has a number of experienced players like Scott Ditzell, Chris Pano, Thorpe and Schiller but very few of them are as comfortable playing box lacrosse as they are field and the Iroquois thrive in the box arena.  Guys like Cody Jamieson will probably be playing for the Iroquois and if they bring a deep team with that level of talent, the US could be in for a long night.

All of this is in preparation for the Indoor World Championships later this year in Prague.  The Czechs love them some boxla!  Speaking of that, they should really rename these things the Box World Championships.  Sounds much better.  I know every Candian will agree with me.  While this team is good, the US has a long way to go in the box lacrosse world but we are rapidly catching up to the Iroquois and the Canadians.  I plan on helping out with that push, but more on that at a later date.  You’ll just have to come back.