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Cali*Lax All-Stars box lacrosse Denver Elite
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US Youth Box Lacrosse: Strides Being Made

In the video below you can see the Denver Elite team head down to California to take on the Cali*Lax All-Stars in box lacrosse.  Matt Brown, a member of the NCAA D1 Denver Coaching staff and Denver Elite youth teams, talks a little bit about the benefits of box lacrosse as it translates to field and he makes some really interesting points.  But what I’m REALLY enthused about is the play from the Cali*Lax All-Stars team.  Sure, I like that they have LaxAllStars in their name, I like their California-centric uniforms, and I like that they wear hockey lids, but mostly I like their box skills.

The California-based team (in white) is run by Shaydon Santos and I have almost no doubt that at least one of these kids will eventually find their way to pro box lacrosse.  For years the US kids were playing catch up with the Canadians when it came to boxla, but now, thanks to guys like Santos and Brown, the US Box Lacrosse Revolution is picking up steam.  Watch out neighbors to the North… we’re coming for you!  I’m sure that will draw a retort from Chris Fox or the Tediknight.  At least I hope it does.

Cali*Lax ALL-STARS vs Denver University Elite Box Lacrosse from USBOXLA on Vimeo.

I usually talk about men’s box lacrosse, but as Wu-Tang says, “the children are our future”.  Ok, so Whitney Houston said that, but whatever, the point stands.  If the US wants to stay on the top of the lacrosse world we’re going to need more and more of this.  Canada is a constant threat, but the box game is also exploding in Europe, and we simply don’t want to fall behind.  But don’t do it out of fear… play box lacrosse because it’s fun, and an awesome game all on its own.  Turning yourself into a tougher, more well-rounded player won’t hurt either.

Tip of the old LAS bowler hat to these young box bucks and their progressive coaches!  Keep up the great work!  Grow The Box Game!

Cali*Lax All-Stars box lacrosse Denver Elite
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