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USC’s Matt Barkley Learns Lacrosse

Matt Barkley, the USC football star, learns about the sport of lacrosse, and by the end of his lesson, this NFL bound student-athlete is showing some serious potential!

Matt Barkley, the well-known quarterback for USC, picks up some lacrosse knowledge from USC’s women’s lacrosse coaches, Lindsay Munday and Devon Wills, both of whom are top notch players themselves.

It is a very entertaining video, and MB has a great personality. Both Munday and Wills also come off fantastic. Great piece of video for USC. Barkley actually looks pretty decent out there with a stick in his hands, although he does tend to over rotate when he shoots… he just needs to get his hands back a bit more and he’ll be fine.

At the 1:35 mark he starts doing just that, and puts in some Gs right away.

Kids, take note: If Matt Barkley can learn to shoot overhand correctly in one day, you can too!

Also, watching Barkley fire footballs at Wills in net was awesome. He hit pipe a lot, but Wills also made some serious saves!

Good luck to the women’s program at USC, and we hope to hear that the school is adding a men’s team in the near future. I’m hearing there is definitely a push going on at USC for a men’s program, but other than that, not much is known. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more!

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