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USILA North-South Game Highlights

The USILA North-South game is a great last hurrah for a lot of top level college players who don’t make it to the Finals. There is a D1 & D2 game where the top players from both divisions battle it out Civil War style.

Division 3 also has a North-South game and our own Connor Wilson was selected as an alternate in 2003 out of Wesleyan. He was devastated to not be selected and ever more so because he was not able to play but at the same time, it was an honor just to be considered considering these are around 40 of the best Seniors in the country.

This year’s D1/D2 North-South game featured a ton of good action with some great moves, goals and some really impressive out of the cage play from former Maryland goalie, Brian Phipps. He picked off more passes in one all-star game than most Dpoles do all season. The D2 players from Dowling, Molloy, Limestone and St. Anslem all stepped up big time and played big roles for their respective squads.

Check out the video from InsideLacrosse and tell me this doesn’t look like fun!

We really hope the MCLA decides to do something similar and think that a game like this that runs at or near the end of the MCLA tourney would be amazing. It would give the chance for excellent Seniors whose teams didn’t quite make it to get in to the MCLA tourney and it would give eliminated teams’ seniors one last chance to ball out of control and they could do so in front of their entire team. Now THAT would be cool.

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