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Vermont (D1) Vs St. Michael’s (D2) Lacrosse Scrimmage

The University of Vermont (D1) takes on cross-Burlington rivals, St. Michael’s College (D2) at UVM’s turf field. Ok, technically, St. Mike’s is in Colchester, VT, but thats’ only 10 minutes from Burlington. And these schools aren’t truly rivals, as they don’t play in the same division, but their proximity to each make other makes for a great backyard scrimmage, and plenty of fans for both programs can come out.

Who wants to watch 9 minutes of Vermont State scrimmage video? I do, I do! Don’t want to watch the whole thing? I’ve selected some memorable moments worth watching below the video.

:45 mark – Where did the ball go? That was weird.

1:40 mark – The stick rules didn’t make it easier to dislodge the ball? Oh, wait… they did. See the 2:00 mark for more proof. Last year those would not have been turnovers.

1:50 mark – FINISH OVER HAND! Please?

2:30 mark – Great feed from Vermont’s Masson, and then he wins the next face off. He is UVM’s top threat in my opinion, and can truly do it all. He could have a break out year in 2013, possibly on a more national level.

3:10 mark – Why are some of the St. Mike’s guys wearing shorts? SWEATS til March, AT LEAST, right Julian Watts?

3:38 mark – great bit of transition work from UVM.

4:02 mark – GREAT touch check by the UVM defender. No way that happens in 2012.

4:35 mark – niftiest GB we’ve seen in a while. Guy must have played hockey at some point. Leads to a sick goal.

5:27 mark – Longpole gets an assist in transition. Goals like this will be more commonplace this season.

5:55 mark – Did that end up in a one on one? How rare is that? Great face dodge too.

6:34 mark – Snipe City

7:00 mark – Aj Leary could also be a threat for UVM this year. Solid dodger.

8:20 mark – Fancy finish – down and up. Love it.