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Video Explosion: The Thompson Family

Seeing as it’s Friday, everyone should be feeling good. Hopefully this video compilation of the Thompson Family’s ridiculous stick skills don’t make you feel too bad about yourself. If it does, get out there and practice. These guys are simply ridiculous.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

2013 Ty, Lyle, and Miles Albany Highlights

Casual Slap Check Avoidance

Always loved this video from 412. The music is just too much!

NCAA On Campus

Jeremy Thompson’s 6 Second Goal

Honestly, I’m not sure there is a more well-rounded, two-way, do it all player than Jeremy Thompson. Box, field, face offs, scoring, defense, loose balls… whatever. The guy can really do it all, and he consistently works at being a role model for Native youth off the field. Big fan.

Traditional Thursday With Jeremy Thompson

Did I mention he uses, and strings, traditional?

Jeremy’s Syracuse Journey

Ty Thompson in High School

I’d say this wasn’t fair, but Ty was a high school kid like anyone else. Insert another reminder to readers to “put in the work” here. You get the point.

Can’t Check This

A 2010 classic. It never gets old…

Hope you enjoyed this smattering of unreal stick skills. Feeling bad about your handle? Me too. Hit the wall, go play pass with a friend, shoot on a net… it’s worth it, right?