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Video Highlights: LXM Pro Chicago

In the LXM PRO’s last stop in Chicago, fans were treated to a big time whooping put on by Maverik United. Mav won the game 17-11, and just looked like they wanted it a whole lot more than Team STX. Maybe my article previewing the game spurred these guys on to some extra effort? I was a little harsh on the Brattons in particular, and they clearly came to play.

I can predict MLL games (and even NLL games), but these LXM games are definitely a bit trickier to nail down. I really thought STX was going to walk away with this one! Of course it doesn’t help if one of your main weapons (Kyle Harrison) was playing injured. Still… no excuses!

Now that you’ve seen the highlights, you can also check out the FULL game. Not too shabby!

The next LXM event is being held in Orem, Utah on September 27, 2013.