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Video: Mesh Pocket Stringing by Krieg Shaw

I’ve been stringing ever since I got my first stick. While I would sometimes end up with some truly questionable results, it was hugely beneficial to learn the proper way to string a stick and I was always fascinated to see what methods other people were using to string up their wands, and how it could help me learn.

This year and last year, I had a lot of my players asking how I string up own stick and if they could get it as their own pocket.

My pocket is pretty specific to my stick, in that the head I use is wider than most, and really stiff. This makes it great to string with a deep channel, and keeps the head sturdy enough to not whip out when I shoot or pass.

As Connor always says, this is A WAY to string up a head, not THE WAY! So check out my way, and let me know what you think:

If you have stringing questions, leave them below, and someone will get back to you soon!