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Rockaway taco

This isn’t really lacrosse related, but it is kind of cool. Especially if you’re one of those lacrosse-playing beach bum surfers who’s thought of starting your own taco stand. Yes, we know there are a few of you out there. Behold.

The Selby: Rockaway Taco

Rockaway Taco is the first in a new series of videos by renowned fashion photographer and illustrator, Todd Selby. Filmed on location in Rockaway, Queens NY, the film profiles the life of Andrew Field, a peculiar founder and owner of a Taco Bar in this once trendy summer resort. Offering a surprisingly tranquil glimpse to an otherwise turbulent neighbourhood the virtue of the film is caught in the quote by one of the locals “Enterprising young people in a whacked-out community”. Definitely worth the watch.

via hypebeast

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