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Video: Stealth Academy Indoor Training Camp

A video from a Saturday at the Stealth Lacrosse Academy Indoor Training Camp.

The event was sponsored by the Washington Stealth and


Stealth Lacrosse Academy In Full Swing

The Stealth Lacrosse Academy Indoor Training Camp is in full swing now, having completed the second week of training last Saturday.  With the middle school and high school sessions sold out, over 160 young lacrosse players from Western Washington received top-notch instruction on the indoor game from some of the world’s best.  And as they are finding out, indoor lacrosse is a bit different than the field game.

Washington Stealth forward and Academy Field Director Lewis Ratcliff commented during last week’s sessions, that the indoor newbies are “getting the hang of it,” and that he’s impressed with the progress he’s seen after just two weeks of the training camp.

Ratcliff, who grew up playing box lacrosse as a child in Canada, understands that there is a learning curve for the American-born youngsters that began their lacrosse careers outdoors.  “We learn box and then we try to translate to the field game (in Canada),” he said.  “It’s the complete opposite here.  But it’s a new way for them to enjoy lacrosse, and it will help them take their field game to a new level.”

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