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Army UMASS (Danny Wild)
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VIDEO: UMass Preps For Hartford & Binghamton Season Preview

Army UMASS (Danny Wild)
That's a nice lean! Photo courtesy Danny Wild

Umass took on Army in their season opener and they won 8-5 at home.  Army had been ranked higher but the UMass Gorillas just kept coming and showed no quit.  Although a bit undersized, UMass played scrappy but skilled lacrosse and should definitely be a team to keep an eye on in 2011.  They take on Hartford in their next game and I just don’t see any way that they lose this one.  Not gonna happen.  UMass might not put up 15 or 16 goals (then again, they might) but I still think they’ll control the game, especially in the second half.  Canella knows what a good game it was last year and I think he’ll have his guys prepared for this one.  Kind of like a personal statement game.  No one else will care that much if UMass wins because it won’t be a shock.  But HOW UMass wins?  That could do a lot for them internally as they move forward.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”UMass Men’s Lacrosse Coach Greg Cannella Preview’s The Game Against Hartford”]

Army, after suffering an early loss, will take on VMI in their next game and although VMI is better than they historically have been, Army will still roll in the game.  Pretty much no question there.  However, Army’s next game, on February 27th, will be against Syracuse and that should be an unbelievable match-up, especially when you consider Army knocked off Cuse 9-8 last year in the NCAAs after 2 OTs.  Spirited contest guaranteed!

The Binghamton’s men’s team is getting rolling on the 19th against Penn State and they follow that up with more 2 more great games in Lafayette and Cornell.  After that, they play Canisius.  So they better be ready to play from the beginning!  A trial by fire, I like that.  Last year Binghamton was 4-10 and they’ll need to do a lot more to reverse that record this year.  They kept games close last year and didn’t get blown out a lot, but were also out of some games, even if they were relatively close.  A lot of losses were suffered by only 1 to 3 goals and their late season 17-16 loss to Stony Brook can be seen as a sign of potential, at least offensively.  I’ll let Coach Ed Stephenson take it away…

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Binghamton Men’s Lacrosse Media Day”]

UMass Army Lacrosse 2011
Simple black shorts for UMass? Excellent choice.

1st UMass Photo courtesy Danny Wild

2nd UMass Photo courtesy J. Anthony Roberts on MassLive