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Video You MUST Watch: The Medicine Game

For six years, filmmaker Lukas Korver documented the Thompson family, and their relationship with the game of lacrosse. What emerged from over a half of a decade of work is the documentary, “The Medicine Game“, and it’s a breathtaking look at the sport of lacrosse as it is played by those who hold it dearest.

Check out the trailer below, and then head over to the Native American Public Telecommunications site, to see a longer cut of the full video. You’ll be very glad you did.

After watching, you start to understand (if you didn’t before) how lacrosse is so much more than a game, or even a lifestyle… for some, lacrosse is simply intertwined with life on an elemental basis. The two things are one and the same.

For viewing guides as to when the full movie will air on television, contact you local PBS.