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wall ball drill: off-hip variation

Wall Ball Drill: Off-Hip Variation

I originally shared this wall ball drill on the LaxGoalieNetwork Instagram account, but I think the “off-hip variation” should be of interest to all players! Prepare to miss a few catches as you get started…

🪓 Off-Hip Wall-Ball Drill Variation.

📖 This Drill can help isolate the Bottom Hand & Elbow Motions on your Off-Side Hip Saves.

🔑 Focusing on Showing as much Stick to the Ball as Possible.

🔑 Be Conscious of your Elbow & Stick Angles. Elbow up, Stick North/South.

🧱 Great tip from Kyle Bernlohr : imagine a Wall right behind you.

💪Workout Recommendation

• Sets: 3+

• Reps: 10+


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