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play box lacrosse Syracuse Stingers vs NYC Lax All Stars Box Photo credit: Larry Palumbo
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Want To Play Box Lacrosse For Team USA?

Want To Play Box Lacrosse For Team USA?

There has been a lot of noise surrounding US Lacrosse’s take over of the management of the USA box lacrosse team. Now that they are running the show, and not farming the work out to a subcontractor (it was the USIL – US Indoor Lacrosse that won the bid), the process has become more formalized. While there have been some hiccups, like the Bowhunter Cup getting canceled, there have also been some positives, like when US Lacrosse picked a proven box lacrosse coach to run the team, and did so quickly. And now you can play box lacrosse for Team USA too! It’s tryout time!

It’s easy to take the stance that US Lacrosse is THE answer to box gaining popularity in this country, just as its easy to take the stance that US Lacrosse has dropped the ball in almost every regard when it comes to managing this team. Both opinions are extreme, and neither is completely true.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo of Coyote Magic Action Shots.

For a more nuanced take on how US Lacrosse could potentially be a good thing for box lacrosse in the United States check out our post on the USA Coaching Staff, our post on how the US team should be selected, and our post on Team USA backing out of the Bowhunter Cup.

And to add to all that, you now know that US Lacrosse has posted a tryout registration application form online. You didn’t know that? Well, now you do.

If you want to try out for Team USA Box Lacrosse… CLICK HERE! Yeah, that’s big time!

If there is one negative, it is the timing, but that seems to be an undeniable obstacle for this WILC cycle. We’re late in the game in getting things going, so it has to be rushed. Not ideal, but that is reality. Tryouts will run on November 7th and 14th in New Jersey. While this is a bit of a rush, it’s really not that bad. While many die hard field guys may have clinics and tournaments lined up already, true box guys might jump at the chance. I’m intrigued to see who signs up!

I love how the link is public. I love how US Lacrosse made SURE that we (LAS) we knew about this application link. I love the fact that some of the lesser known guys that I think can ball can try out. This relatively open tryout (there is an application after all) is a good sign that US Lacrosse is looking to truly find good players… and not just good field players, but good BOX players!

I have already asked a couple of prominent field lacrosse guys if they are going to try out. None of the guys I’ve talked to have said yes. To me, that shows that this USA box team could be different than older versions of the team. We might not know all the names quite as well, but if that results in a better box lacrosse team, I’m all for it.

The pressure to rush to judgement is strong here. US Box Lacrosse has long been neglected by the mainstream player and fan. If that situation is to change, it will take time, and there could be continued rough patches. But a relatively public tryout is another positive step in the right direction. It’s not a guarantee that US Lacrosse will do it right in year 1, but it’s a good sign. Right now, that’s pretty much all we can hope for. It’s a long road box lacrosse lovers, buckle up.