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UPDATED: Warrior Is Making Big Moves Outside Of Lacrosse

If you read 412 Lax, you know that Warrior makes hockey goods.  But did you also know that they make soccer jerseys?  Ok, did you know they make professional soccer jerseys?

Warrior just signed a deal with Liverpool FC of the English Premier League to begin producing their “kits” in 2012/13, when Liverpool’s contract with Adidas expires.  The deal will have Warrior pay 25 Million POUNDS per year.  Not dollars, POUNDS.  Check on your exchange rates… it’s even more dollars!  Adidas was given the chance to match the offer (which more than doubled their current payment of 12 Million pounds per year, but evidently declined.

Liverpool in Warrior? FACT.

Man, Warrior really is willing to pump money into things they think will help them sell product!  This actually makes me even more of a believer in the MLL.  Why, you may ask?  It’s a fair question.  After all, Warrior will pay 10 times as much to ONE soccer club per year than they spend on the MLL, and solely to provide uniforms, but then again, you could probably buy Warrior 10 times over if you owned and then sold Liverpool, so the math works.

The point here is that companies that make it big in lacrosse (like Warrior and Under Armour) can easily make the transition to bigger sports, and this bodes well for the future of our game.  Lacrosse isn’t a final resting place for new ideas, it is an incubator for them… and this makes us valuable to anyone who has designs on eventual larger success.  They want to hitch their star to our wagon!

The English Soccer Forums are alight with commentary.  English Football Forum #1.  English Football Forum #2.

Big news for the company, big news for soccer, but possibly bigger news for lacrosse.

Oh, and if you read IL, they’re saying sources have confirmed that the Michigan Men’s team will go D1 next year and the Women in 2013. Our sources told us this months ago.  Oh well.  We had another story up on LAS as well.  I just can’t find it. Ah, here it is.