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Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan

Warrior Mac Daddy III Black And Tan Lacrosse Glove

Connor Wilson got the chance to check out firsthand the new Warrior Mac Daddy III Black & Tan lacrosse glove from Warrior. Everything about this glove is extreme, and the run of production was EXTREMELY limited. 248 pairs left in the world!

Warrior Lacrosse is always striving to reach the highest limits of lacrosse equipment technology and quality.  Some have questioned their advertising approaches, helmets and other design elements in the past, but one thing that simply can not be challenged is the fact that when Warrior decides to put together a top of the line, limited run piece of equipment, it often ends up being the best thing since sliced bread.  The Warrior Mac Daddy III Black & Tan edition is one of those products, and I feel blessed to have even been able to put on a pair.  Seriously, they’re that good.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan
What. A. Beauty.

The outside of the glove is covered in super soft black and tan calf skin leather.  When I took them out of the box, it took me a couple of minutes to even put them on my hands, because I didn’t want to stop touching the outside leather.  It was just that supple and nice.  And there were just many small pads packed on to the back of the glove.  I was mesmerized.  After flipping the glove over, I found that the entire palm was made of the same leather, and it was basically just ONE seamless piece with a piece of the black leather placed in the heaviest wear zone of the palm near the thumb.  One piece leather palms?  You can NOT be serious.  But Warrior was serious.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan
The palms of perfection.

For the rest of the post on Warrior’s newest Tip-Top of the line glove, the Mac Daddy III Black & Tan, head on over to SweetSweetLax!

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