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bayswater_lc Australia Lacrosse Championship
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Watch Full Western Australia Lacrosse Championship Videos!

Today we have a bunch of awesome full game videos from the Western Australia Lacrosse Championship weekend, which went down a couple of days ago in WA! All of the men’s and women’s divisions held their title games this past weekend, and those resourceful Aussies found a way to broadcast them ALL on YouTube. While the LIVE aspect of this is said and done, you can still watch the Western Australia Championship Games right here!

It’s great lacrosse, featuring hard working athletes, and a physical style of play. I played for the Wembley Lacrosse Club in Perth back in 2001 and the above was as true then as it is now. Aussies love a good physical game, and now we’ve got a bunch of them for you to watch! Enjoy!

W. Australia Lacrosse Championship – State League Final

The State League is the highest level of competition inside Western Australia. Six clubs put forth top level teams; Wembley, East Fremantle, Bayswater, Subiaco, Wanneroo, and Phoenix. While I played, East Freo and Baysie were the top dogs, and while that changed for a while with Wembley taking a couple of title, it looks like things are back to the way they were!

The real game action starts up at around the 9:00 minute mark:

Bayswater would go on to win the game, and secure their second straight WA State League title.

W. Australia Lacrosse Championships – LWA Grade A Final

In case you didn’t know, there is also a strong women’s lacrosse presence in WA. This year, Wembley made the Grand Final where they took on East Freo. The game action starts right away!

Wembley ended up winning the game, continuing their streak of relative dominance.

LWA Presidents Vs Singapore – Exhibition Match

Singapore also brought a team to Perth for the Finals Weekend, and they played a scrimmage against the LWA President’s Team, which is basically an All-Star team made up of players who were not playing in the Grand Final above. Again, it’s more good lacrosse from Down Under. Enjoy it!

Also make sure you check out this blog post from the Singapore squad about their Lacrosse Trip to Paradise!

For more WA Lacrosse video, check out the BluesTVeflc YouTube Channel! Also, make sure you subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel! Lots of good stuff there as well!