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We Can’t Stop: 15 Ways LAS Rocked Tahoe 2013

The weekend we all eagerly wait for every year has come and gone. Tahoe 2013 went down just this past weekend in the beautiful setting of Incline Village, Nevada. It’s the one weekend a year that current and washed up lacrosse players alike come together to compete on non-regulation size fields and “cheer’s” the competition on the sideline with a cold beverage.

This past weekend did not disappoint, despite the fact was missing in action on the men’s side. Due to schedule conflicts LAS wasn’t able to put a men’s team together, but have no fear because Team LAS rocked it on the women’s side! Well, we didn’t exactly… win, but we had a hell of time and did our part to grow this wonderful game.

Here are 15 ways this group of LaxAllStars rocked Tahoe 2013:

1. We came prepared: With many of us former or current players from Saint Mary’s College of CA, we represented SMC, LAS, and America every single chance we got.

The Essentials:




2. We grew the game on our own team. Three players on our roster had never played lacrosse before, but that didn’t matter, because they picked up the rules, used their athleticism,  they had a ton of fun, and one even stepped up to play goalie in one game, that takes guts and no fear. Shout out to Kayla, Morgan, and Kristine for stepping up!


3. We outdid ourselves this year. Thanks to and Lightning Wear, we trumped our red,white, and blue themed jerseys from last year, and went full on patriotic, fresh, and clean this year. With outstanding sublimation of LAS WOMEN’S logos integrated with an American flag, you could spot us from a mile away.



4. We dominated the sideline games.




5. We made friends with the competition.  Santa Barbara was the chillest team to play against, it was the only game we won, and they still wanted a photo with us.


6. We observed the wildlife in its natural habitat


I mean, we did enjoy nature, it’s Tahoe. How can you not love the scenery?


7. We put the LAX in Relax


8. We took more selfies that should be legal, but who the heck cares?


9. One of us gambled, and won. HOLLA FOR A DOLLA!


10. We are unashamed to admit that Miley’s slow tuned “We Can’t Stop” was our theme song for the weekend.

11. A few of us shared a cab with this newlywed couple. I’m pretty sure we made their night up to that point, well… aside from the fact they just got married.


12. We perfected the Swag Stance and looked good doing it



13. We did play lax, here’s the proof. We went 1-3, but had a ton of fun regardless of the score or wins.



14. A couple players took one for the team, in one case there was blood, but don’t worry we didn’t get it on the white jerseys.



15. We lived it, hung out at the lake, play lacrosse with old and new friends, laughed a ton, barely slept, and had a great time.



Thanks LAS for letting this vivacious group of women rep you in Tahoe, we hope we did not disappoint. Until next year, live, love, lax.

That’s a lot of logos…