Wednesday Cheese: Is Code Blue For You?


“Consume before, during and after stressful activities, so you can get back to life.”

If you haven’t heard of Code Blue yet, you surely will soon. When it comes to “recovery drinks” they’re the first company to tap the lacrosse market and sponsor a pro player. The man of the hour? Boston Cannons midfielder and chrome aficiondo Justin Smith.

Here’s the latest Code Blue / Smith promo clip:

Code Blue Recovery Drink is perfect for all high intensity workouts. Professional Lacrosse player Justin Smith of the Boston Cannons (Official) works hard and plays hard, and knows the benefits of drinking Code Blue before and after his daily workouts and lacrosse games. Check out this video of Justin displaying his la…x moves & why Code Blue Recovery Drink “gets it done” in the world of tough workouts.

So, is this stuff for real? Anyone tried it?

We’ve got some samples coming our way. Stay tuned!

(main photo credit: Eastport LC)


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  • Man, I am way over stick tricks as a marketing tool. They are incredibly silly to anyone from the outside looking in. It honestly looks like he is twirling a baton for Flag Squad.

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