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Wednesday Cheese: Woozle You, Woozle Me, Woozle Us

The time has come. Earlier this month, we ran a simple contest to giveaway 2 Woozle pinnies. The goal? Reach 6K fans on everyone’s favorite yearbook website.

All together, we had 302 entries and whole lotta help from some great loyal readers. To all 302 of you, especially Brian Berg, Jarred Bro Hatfield, Colin Whitney, Sam Elkind, Muamer Razic, and Tayo Adeleye, we salute you for partaking in a fun, Woozley contest and helping us reach the goal!

Because we got such great feedback and participation over the past couple of weeks, we’re going to giveaway 3, yes 3, Woozle Pinnies today instead of 2. BONUS!!

And now, without further ado, we present to you,
the winners of The Ultimate Woozle Pinnie Giveaway 2010:

#1 Lincoln Brosemeyer from Hawaii for his semi-spectacular rhyming skillz and dedication to getting to class on time.

#2 James Ellerby for his willingness to go to such great heights. A simple statement for an extravagant pinnie. Works for us!

And last, but not least…

#3Nick Gadsby for his tenacity and encouraging attitude. He’s been stalking our Fb page like a madman! Gotta feed the hungry!

Way to go guys, but remember… YOU GOTTA COMMENT TO CLAIM IT!

Thanks again for everyone’s participation. That was a pretty fun ride. But now you better strap yourself in a little tighter, because the next giveaways we have on the way are even better.

Check our Facebook page next week to get the details!



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