whittier lacrosse 2011
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Wednesday Lacrosse Games To Watch: NCAA vs. MCLA

Wednesday often showcases some of the best college lacrosse games of the week, and this is especially true outside of the NCAA Division 1 ranks, where Tuesday games are very popular.  This week I’m previewing a bunch of great games and will provide links to watch online wherever I can.

If you have a game that should be included, or a link to a webcast, please share it in the comments section!

Before we get to the college games, I will hit on ONE high school game that is being webcast.  Laxx.tv is showing the LandonGeorgetown Prep game today, and this might just be the most intense high school lacrosse rivalry in the country.  Want to see the stars of tomorrow play today?  Check it out at 430PM Eastern Time.

There are lots of good games out there today, but my game of choice is Chapman at Whittier.  Yes, this is an MCLA D1 vs NCAA D3 game, and it is 100% meaningless when it comes to either squad’s playoff fortunes.  HOWEVER, this game features two longstanding California college lacrosse programs, and there is a solid rivalry in place here.  When you add in the MCLA vs NCAA pride dynamic, it should make for a fantastic game.

This gem of a game will be played at 7pm, West Coast time, and will be webcast live by Whittier, so you can even watch it live!

Chapman has a huge roster compared to Whittier, and is probably favored to win this game, but I’ll pick the Poets at home.  Maybe it’s just my D3 bias, but I think Whittier is tough, fast and talented, and although they don’t have huge numbers on their roster, the guys they do have are buying in 100%.  Bringing it against an MCLA team with their short numbers is a good chance for them to make a statement.

whittier lacrosse 2011
I like the Poets to pull out the W.

In a purely D3 contest, Hamilton travels to Skidmore, and this could be a really good game.  Hamilton is better than people think and and might even be a top 20 squad.  Skidmore is probably a top 30 team… where exactly in the top 30, I’m not sure.  I will take Hamilton with the win.  Ithaca at RIT would have been all RIT last week, at least in my mind, but after RIT lost to RPI, I’m not so sold on the Tigers.  I’ll go with Jeff Long and the Bombers of Ithaca 11-10. Live stats available here.

8-1 St. Lawrence visits 7-3 Clarkson, and I like Clarkson, so I’ll pick them to win here.  They need to do so for me to keep promoting them, but have had a really good season so far.  This is a big rivalry game and you can listen in via online radio.

Moving up to NCAA D2 ball for a minute, Molloy at NY Tech should be a good game, and I like Tech by 3 or 4 at home. Live Stats availableLake Erie heads to Mercyhurst and this will only be a good game if you think a 18-4 score is enjoyable to watch.  If you’re a ‘Hurst fan that probably sounds just fine.  The Lakers are looking GREAT right now at 8-0 but have 4 tough games coming up after Lake Erie in Saint Rose, NY Tech, Dominican College and Molloy.

When we get to the purely MCLA ranks, the biggest game has to be Connecticut at New Hampshire.  Did I just write that?  Yup, I did.  All of sudden the PCLL is looking like one of the top conferences in the MCLA.  It’s kind of amazing, and totally shocking.

Last year, BC was the only PCLL team to finish the season in the Top 15 of the LaxPower Power Rankings, and they snuck in at number 15.  BU came in at 23 and UNH sat at 33.  But this year, UConn currently sits at #7, BC is #11, Northeastern is #14 and New Hampshire is #29.  That is a HUGE jump overall for the conference, and if it holds for the season could signal a potential power shift in the MCLA to the East.

If UConn wants to keep their momentum going and be the top team in the PCLL, they need to prove that they can go on the road on a weekday and take care of business against a team they should beat.  If UNH wants to make a good jump, this is a great chance to do so.  This has the makings of a fantastic game!  I like UConn by 2 on the road, by a score of 9-7.

I also think the Pitt at West Virginia game has some potential as I like Pitt this year and want to see if they bang out a win on the road against a rough WVU team.  When West Viriginia loses, it’s a tight game, but I’ll pick them in the upset here anyway.  Mentally, this is a must-win game for WV.  Should be epic!