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Wednesday Lacrosse Video Explosion: LXM, Quinnipiac, Boston Box, Junior and More

You never know when a Lacrosse Video Explosion is going to hit, and you never what it’s going to contain. This Wednesday’s Blow Out is jam packed with a diverse set of videos, and it’s sure to keep you fully entertained. From the Pros to the college guys to the Joes. It’s all here…

LXM PRO – 42 Goals In 3 Minutes

STX won 22-20 over Solé in their last game. TLN packs all 42 goals into 3 minutes of highlights. That’s super service.

I’d give you a list of my favorite goals, but they are all pretty legit!

2013 Quinnipiac Promo

Pay attention to the Bobcats in 2013. They are stepping up their program and could make some bigger waves this year.

A Little Boston Box Lacrosse

I played a little box in the Boston area growing up, but the game has definitely taken off in Beantown, and improved greatly, with a big thanks to Randy Fraser for that push.

2013 Wheaton Lacrosse Promo

High Point Does Stuff A Stocking

Joel White MLL Highlights

2013 Presidents Cup At Onondaga

John Grant Junior Video – Awesome Stuff