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Wednesday NCAA Lacrosse Viewing Guide

So, you’re moving along on Wednesday, thinking about this weekend’s awesome D1 quarterfinal games, and then all of a sudden, you realize there are quarterfinal games TODAY, and you freak out. Yup, D3 lacrosse has four awesome games on tape today, and each of them are well worth watching, if you can! Thankfully, we’ve found live webcast links for all the games, and will preview the action that’s about go down.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

Cortland @ TuftsLive Game Webcast – 3:30pm ET

Tufts hosts Cortland after defeating a tough Endicott team 10-9. Tufts is 18-2 and Cortland is 17-3, and when it comes to common opponents, they both team Stevens. Tufts will look to score early, and then keep scoring, while Cortland would like to slow it down a little and keep the game in the 25 total goal range. If this turns into a scoring battle, Tufts wins. If the defenses are the key to the game, anyone can win it.

Union @ RITLive Game Webcast – 4pm ET

Union knocked off visiting Amherst in the last round, and while the game wasn’t a blow out, Union looked in control for much of the contest. RIT defeated Ithaca at home by a very solid margin, and used transition play to distance themselves from the Bombers. RIT is 19-0, while Union is 15-3. RIT defeated Union 8-7 in the regular season, and 13-11 in the Liberty League playoffs, but you know what they say… defeating a good lacrosse team three times in one year is the hardest thing in team sports. This should be an epic battle! Or RIT scores ten goals in transition play and cruises. Either way, watch this game!

Denison @ SalisburyLive Game Webcast – 7pm ET

Denison is 19-0, but they only have one Top 20 win (11-9 over W&L), and that concerns me. Denison has not seen a team like Salisbury all year, and if they don’t show up ready to go, this one could get ugly. Salisbury at home is going to bring the pain, and with Denison just barely escaping Aurora in the last round, there are some serious question marks. Salisbury can lose, as they did to CNU this year, but the playoffs are different. Expect full on beast mode from the Gulls.

Washington College @ StevensonLive Game Webcast – 7pm ET

WAC took down Lynchburg in the last round and is now 17-1. Their only loss was to Salisbury, but it was by a solid margin of 5 goals. While WAC doesn’t blow people out all that often, they find a way to win tight games, no matter who they come up against. Stevenson is a beatable team this year, and WAC could definitely pull off the upset. That being said, Stevenson is the definite favorite in this match up, and if they lose at home, it will be a big upset. This is probably the night game to watch!