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week 11 mll lacrosse sticks

Week 11 MLL Stock Report

I’ve returned for the Week 11 MLL Stock Report, a week-by-week look at several of the stand out units, players, and moments in Major League Lacrosse!

After a week away I’ve returned for the Week 11 MLL Stock Report, which is a week-by-week (or in this case a week-by-two-weeks) look at several of the stand out units, players, and moments in Major League Lacrosse, as well as a few things that stood out in the negative. I throw in as much good video as I can find!

Grades are given like stocks are traded, with ratings on a scale of +/- 10.

I’m putting the spotlight on the things that stood out throughout the weekend’s match ups as well as giving you some bets for the upcoming weekend. It’s all for fun. I like betting, I’m just not a big gambler. There’s a difference!

Week 11 MLL Stock Report

+9.2 Ryan Brown: The game he had was worth the price of admission. He took a lefty shot from the wing that went near side top shelf. It’s not a shot many players in this world can make, or would even take. It was magical. He followed it up by giving an ear full to Adam Ghitelman about it, something that was very common after all his goals.

+8.4 Kevin Rice: He did everything he could do to will his team to a win. His game has blossomed in the pros so much. He is quickly becoming a clone of pre-injury Brendan Mundorf and is looking like an early candidate for MVP. Highlight of the game was Coach Stags at half when asked how to slow down Rice. “We need someone better, someone stronger.” Don’t we all!?!?

+7.5 Rowdy Rivalries: To say the games were a bit chippy this weekend might be an understatement. The guys were attacking each other and several times there could have been altercations. But isn’t that a good thing? It showed how much this all means to these guys and how hard they are willing to go after it. It’s been a great season so far but the playoff dance only has room for 4, so 5 out of 9 are staying home.

Week 11 MLL Boston Chesapeake Turri Evans
Photo Credit: Ryan Conwell

+6.5 Mundorf: Speaking of Mr. Mundorf, he went ahead and had a heck of a game himself. He moved great off ball to get open for passes from Myles Jones and finished when he had the ball. One time he hesitated with his shot until after Tyler Fiorito hedged his bet and then beat him high. It’s great to see Brendan back in the league. Myles Jones also had his best game offensive of his short career and showed that he really is a better fit in Chesapeake.

+6.2 Brian Phipps: Chesapeake didn’t win but Phipps is the reason they didn’t get blown out. He was all over the ball early in the game. He stole multiple goals from Boston early on.

+3.3 Denver: The offense finally connected just enough to get rolling in this game and Jack Kelly was huge making some door step saves that looked inhuman. Still I can give all the credit to Denver as New York had some issues that we will get to.

-2.6 Atlanta’s Defense: They couldn’t recover, and the 2nd slide was never on time. Charlotte figured out early on how to beat them and force good match ups, and it was all over from there. It was a great Hounds’ offensive game plan but if Atlanta wants to have a shot at the playoffs they need to play better on D.

-4.6 Steven Waldeck: In slow motion the hit he put on Jordan Wolf was violent and shocking. In real time it was still pretty horrific. There is a reason he ended up with 8 minutes in penalties from it and Jordan went on to score 7 points.

-5.5 Myles Jones’ Defense: He had a great offensive game but was atrocious on defense. Once Josh Hawkins and the Boston staff figured out that he was not giving any effort on that end he lit him up for a hat trick. Jones is a great player but if he is going to be a superstar and live up to his #1 pick status he needs to play some D like his former teammate Jordan Wolf did.

-7.7 Some People: I am sorry LSN had some technical difficulties during the Hounds game. It sucks when that happens but why does every single person watching have to jump on Twitter and complain about it? When things go smooth nobody says a word. Everyone wants the best of everything, and don’t even think about crying about the $7/month you are paying. $7/month is nothing.

week 11 mll lacrosse sticks
Photo Credit: Ryan Conwell

-8.9 Traveling to Denver: If you think the Outlaws beat the Lizards because Greg Gurenlian didn’t play you are partly right. New York could not get the ball enough on offense to win, but the other side of the coin is New York players playing on almost no sleep, THEN being forced to take a 30 min break after warm ups for a lightning strike. It was a perfect storm of issues for the Lizards.

Week 12 MLL Locks

Midweek games have not been friendly to teams this season. They always have some type of twist and I don’t see it going well for the Bayhawks again this week. Line: Ohio by 2.5

Atlanta played its worst game this past week and really missed Randy Staats on offense. They get another shot at Charlotte this week and history says the 1st loser is favored in the 2nd game of MLL home and home’s. Line: ATL by .5

The Rattlers are on fire with 5 straight wins and they play the Cannons who stole one from them earlier in the season. Boston still has an issue in the 6on6 but has looked better. Still Rochester is the best team in the MLL currently. Line: Rochester by 2.5

The Bayhawks got it rough this week. They play the Machine in a midweek game and draw the Lizards on the weekend. Look for NY to be pissed about this past week. Line: NY by 4.5

Florida comes off the bye week only to head to Denver to play in front of what should be a record crowd. Still the 4th of July game has not been great to Denver in years past as they have lost more than they have won. That trend continues. Line: Florida by .5

What will Week 12 have in store for us? Excitement. That is the only true lock ever!

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