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Week 9 NLL Lacrosse Preview

Philadelphia (4-5) @ Toronto (8-2)

Toronto will also be wearing charity Jerseys and Helmets for tonights game:


The Toronto Rock are the hottest team in the league and are a perfect 5-0 at “The Hanger”. This is a rematch of one of only two games played last weekend during “the All-Star Break”. Several members from both squads played in the All-Star Game, which really doesn’t give either team an advantage. With Philadelphia sitting in last place in the East, they are not far removed from playoff contention. What’s more shocking however is their 1-4 home and 3-1 away records. Philadelphia seems to be playing much better on the road, despite one of the more passionate fan bases in the NLL. Philadelphia has one of the more diverse rosters in the NLL. Pure speculation but team/player logistics might be an issue in the gelling process. The Rock seem to be back to the team they were in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

Toronto with the Win.  (Connor Wilson concurs.  Toronto wins!)

via @TorontoRockLax

Minnesota (4-4) @ Colorado (1-7)

I’ve been wrong on almost every pick I make with regards to Colorado… because they keep losing. Again I am torn. I picked the Hairy Elephants over the Cluster of Bugs in their last meeting and it was a two goal loss for Colorado. Colorado’s three match ups against the Stealth have grown progressively worse with the last game being a 20-7 loss. You would think the Mammoth staff has made the necessary adjustments and the players are prepared for a rematch against the Swarm. Minnesota is mediocre at best with a .500 record. They sent under-achieving Zach Greer to Edmonton, for a draft pick and have re-activated Ryan Cousins. These shake-ups make sense but will not pay dividends until nest weekend. As much as this hurts I am taking the Mammoth.

Colorado with the Win.  (This could be boring.  Wait, Colorado?  Connor  goes with Minnesota!)

Calgary (5-3) @ Philadelphia (4-5)

Calgary stands in first place in the West and are actually better on the road than they are at home. Two of the three loses Calgary has suffered have come by one goal. This is the Riggors and Wings only meeting of the year, and Geoff Snider’s welcoming home tour (Snider played in Philly for 4 years and was a fan-favorite). Despite the previous weeks drama surrounding the Roughnecks, Calgary is just a better team.

Calgary with the Win. (Connor agrees again.  Roughnecks take it!)

Rochester (5-4) @ Buffalo (4-3)

Despite only having played 7 games so far this season, the Bandits sit tied with the Knighthawks in the east 2.5 games out of first-place. Buffalo suffered a tight 1 goal loss to the Wings during their last week of play. However, sending Mark Steenhuis and John Tavares to the All-Star Game allowed their two top players time to relax and find their sticks offensively again. Besides Rochester’s two tough loses against the Rock, they have been impressive against mediocre teams. Unfortunately, the Bandits are anything but average.

Buffalo with the Win. (Connor kept betting on Rochester.  Now he’s going with Buffalo.)

Washington (4-5) @ Edmonton (2-7)

Edmonton has won the previous two match-ups this season against Washington and look to earn the series sweep on Saturday. Edmonton is hoping that adding a “Star” player like Zach Greer, giving him a change of scenery will spark both him and the Rush to put up the offensive numbers they are capable.  It has been rumored that Jeff Zywicki will be back in the line-up for the Stealth. Not much has been said about his lower body injury, or if he has been practicing. Both Greer and Zywicki could, potentially be positive additions to each line up respectively. I think Edmonton has been making the right moves to improve their line-up without giving anything up.

Edmonton with the Win.  (Connor picks Washington.  Crazy!)

Buffalo (4-3) @ Boston (6-3)

Much like Toronto, the Blazers are on a 4-0 run and have just signed free agent defender and former Philly captain Thomas Hajek. With this addition and on the back end, it doesn’t take long for a defenseman of this caliber to make an immediate impact. Boston is another team that has built a team and has made it better this season through free agency and trades. Obviously the addition of Powell, Sanderson, and Powell come to mind. This team is now stacked on both ends. Unfortunately, for the Bandits they will be playing their second game of the weekend against a well rested, well coached, well conditioned, and straight up good team.

Boston with the Win. (Connor concurs.  Boston with the win!)

Connor didn’t do picks last week so he’s still 23-13 for the season.  Not to bad for a stinky Yank!