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LaxFilmRoom Is Our Guest – NEW IYFLaxCast

Weekend lacrosse predictions are the name of the game for this week’s brand new In Your Face LaxCast! Big time D1 games get big time D1 coverage!

LaxFilmRoom is the name of the game for this week’s brand new In Your Face LaxCast! Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers talk with the most famous lacrosse guy on VINE, and get down and dirty when talking about D1 men’s lacrosse action.


So don’t fret, Towers and Danehy have you covered. These men are verbal artisans of the highest caliber, and now LaxFilmRoom has joined them. Prepare yourself for excellence!

In Your Face Laxcast Ep. 7B – Weekend Lacrosse Predictions!

See? We told you that was awesome!


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If you enjoyed this In Your Face LaxCast (and how could you not?!?!?!?), check out older episodes on LAS, or on SoundCloud, OR on iTunes. No matter how you listen, we have you covered! Diversity is nice!

You can also interact with Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers on Twitter, via @RPDLacrosse (Danehy) and @LacrosseDraws (Towers). You can also interact with the LaxCast itself, by hollering @InYourFaceLax. So many ways to reach these guys, so #AskTowers, and get involved! They WILL respond, so be ready for it!

And on top of ALL THAT, we have ANOTHER awesome Podcast from the In Your Facers, where they talk to Ty Xanders, aka the Mel Kiper of lacrosse, about recruiting. You will want to check that out as well as Ryan Flanagan’s 1on1 Series, where he talks to pros about… lacrosse! So far, Ryan has spoken with Marcus Holman, Scott Rodgers, and Tom Schreiber.

LAS has TONS of good stuff this week for your earbuds, so listen in, maximize your comfort, and get ready for an amazing weekend. That’s the only prediction I feel comfortable making!

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