Delaware Duke Lacrosse lax NCAAs 2011
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Weekend Lacrosse Ramblings

The Camera on Bill Tierney during this Denver – Villanova game is entertaining.  He sure is animated!  Reminds me of a young Petro, except he’s older and has been doing it for years.  Both Villanova and Denver are fun to watch.  They should be broadcast more next year.  But the HOP may be a juggernaut at that point if all goes as planned for the Blue Jays this year, so don’t count on it.  I’d like both, but I’d settle for just a little more diversity.  I can do compromise.

Another observation from being able to watch Denver play is just how different this team is from what Tierney did at Princeton.  If people thought that Tierney was going to bring a Princetonian approach to Denver, they’re getting a pleasant surprise now.  Plenty of dangling, underhand passes, weaves and box play on attack.  Middies push it through on transition and the poles aren’t afraid to throw a check or two!  It’s a whole new Tierney out West.  Cool to see a guy like that reinvent himself in a new place.  Denver may be a year away from a serious run, but don’t let graduating players fool you, Denver is different.

Delaware – Duke was the game of the something.  It was awesome.  I wanted more.

Delaware Duke Lacrosse lax NCAAs 2011
GREAT game!

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Steele Stanwick of Virginia stole the show from Bucknell who had earlier stolen the show.  What a game!  That was the 3rd or 4th time I got to see Bucknell, and they’re a really good team.  Hope that program can continue its rise.  So far, my picks have been flawless, Villanova could screw with that though. Maryland hidden ball trick was sweet.  Don’t hate on that. It’s simply impossible.

I’ve decided that the next big thing in lacrosse technoogy advancements is going to be “mesh”.  I use “mesh” and not mesh because there will be something new, that will simply change things forever and revolutionize the game.  I don’t know what it is, if I did, I’d be a middle class millionaire already.  But someone does.  And it’s going to happen.  The article on Beeswax Lax over on 24sevenlax got me thinking about this.  Mark my words, someday soon a new mesh product will hit the shelves and it won’t just be waxes mesh like Bees or MarcMesh… it will be a whole new world.  Insert Alladin GIF (if I were 412).

Were the games today better than the games yesterday?  So far, I’d say YES.  Either way, they’ve been good.

Streaker Sports keeps putting out classy old school apparel, and I can’t stop digging it.  Cuse ’88 shorts anyone?

Streaker Sports Cuse '88 Shorts
Streaker Sports Cuse '88 Shorts

The 5th and 6th graders I help coach won their first two games of the season today in a light rain at Poly Prep in Brooklyn against the Brooklyn Crescents and Frederick Douglas Academy.  Both were HOTLY contested games, and both went to Overtime.  Awesome youth lax action.  My day was great.