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Welcome to LAS! Meet Kevin Rowen

To the LAS Community,

My name is Kevin Rowen and I’m excited to be on board as the newest Editorial Intern here at LaxAllStars. Some of you probably recognize my name, as I’ve been around LAS for awhile now as a reader and commenter and for a little over a year as a writer on Southland Lax (while also dabbling in some gear reviews and MCLA talk). In the future you’ll still see me around Southland, but you’ll also get to know me a little better as I help out with different aspects of the site.

If you hadn’t gathered from the all the Southland content, I’m a SoCal native, having played lacrosse here for almost ten years now. Born and raised an Angels and Lakers fan, I’ve always been a little disappointed with the whole lacrosse versus baseball feud. Growing up I used to go to a lot of (Mighty) Ducks games as well, and in my first few years of playing lacrosse I went to my fair share NLL games for the Anaheim Storm. I even made it up to a few LA Riptide games while they were around. Besides lacrosse, I like most types of music, probably watch more TV than I should, and like to spend my summers working with kids at both lacrosse and non-lacrosse related camps.

Nothing like growing up then giving back at summer camp.
Nothing like growing up then giving back at summer camp.

So how did I end up on Team LAS? Well, I started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade, and back then, lacrosse was still pretty small in SoCal. There wasn’t a team for my age group in my city, so I went to play for a team in the next town. The next year I was able to play for my city, and over the following years the game started really to take off in Orange County. Lucky for me, my freshman year of high school was also the first year my school district sponsored varsity lacrosse. It wasn’t until my senior year that my city had its own club team, but the Starz program (now officially Adrenaline Starz) offered multiple teams on which I was fortunate enough to play. Now, I go to UCLA and play attack for the Bruins.

My school teams from middle school until now.
My school teams from middle school until now.

Having seen the game grow in my own backyard over the last decade, working with LaxAllStars has been a great fit for me. I was ecstatic when Southland started up last year and jumped at the chance to help, offering my local insight into SoCal lacrosse. With the new internship program, I knew that I could help grow the game even more, and Jeff, Connor, and Krieg seemed to agree. It’s an exciting time to be part of LAS, and I can’t wait to interact more with the LAS community in the coming weeks and months.