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Wes Berg, MSN Lazer – Going Offsides

This week we welcome Wes Berg (NLL/PLL) and Scott Fitchett (MSN Lazer), who will discuss the development of MSN Lazer, a Canadian company that creates not only some of the coolest custom works of art, but also extremely high quality wood shafts.

Check out their product line at

Wes plays in both the PLL and NLL and he sheds light on what its like to be a pro, and how an unlikely turn of events brought him and Scott to work together.

You can follow both MSN Lazer and Wes Berg on instagram here: @wesleyberg14 @msn_lazer

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Last Week:

What a treat we had last week. Not only did we continue the awesome start to Season 2, but we also got to sit down with one of the greatest players in the games history, Mark Millon. Mark is known for so many things in the lacrosse world; countless players have attended his camps, watched his highlights, or heard stories of the ’98 world championships. He helped innovate how we teach the game, helped develop one of the sports biggest brands, and continues to innovate clinics and camps through Project 9 which he cofounded with Paul Rabil. This episode is an all-timer.

To follow Mark on social media check out his twitter/IG @markmillon.

We also featured LVL Lacrosse. LVL Lacrosse is the brain child of Muamer Razic. Muamer came to the USA as a refugee from Bosnia, and with the help of a dedicated team, has built LVL lacrosse. The mission of LVL is “to help you reimagine your game by providing you with unique player enhancement tools designed to take your game to a whole new level.” It’s safe to say they are well on their way as the first round of their new training and playing products has already sold out!

Next Week:

Next week, we welcome NLL player and all-around good guy Latrell Harris. Latrell talks about his journey from playing high school lacrosse to being drafted at just 18 years old by the Toronto Rock.

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