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West Side Fo’ Life – NCAA D2 West Coast Verbiage

Who Gave This Guy The Mic?

Hello Boys and Girls, and Fans of all Ages,

I woud like to introduce myself as a brand spanking new contributing member to the LaxAllStars familia.

You may be asking youself, exactly who is this eccentric individual? Why does he write soo well? Why is he soooooo ridiculously good looking? Well friends, if you dive deeper into the world of West Side FO Life all the answers will come in time.

Hmm… Well, that leaves us with this question: what is this “West Side FO Life” Mr. Palacios seems so fond of?  Well amigos, WSFL will be a bright corner of silky goodness in this big bad world that will be devoted to proving you (the loyal readers!) informative journalistic content on:



The Growing lacrosse hot bed that is MEXICO


… Anything that you amigos and amigas feel I should be covering!

So I bid you all Hello, Malo e lelei, Bonjour, Hola, Bonjorno, Ni hao, Hallo,  etc, etc.

And leave you with some Shweet highlights from the world of California High School Lax:


And A classy NDNU throw back from their 2009 season

Hope you guys Enjoy the vids! And stay tuned for the REAL Fun to begin!

Some Classic West Side Music to kick back and relax