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West Side Fo’ Life: NCAA Division 2 Lax Breakdown

Never sit in the Front Row, and then expect Mercy.

As I segway out of the real world and into my virtual DII lax posts, I like to talk a little about my weekend.  This time around I found myself at the Purple Onion in Downtown San Francisco, and learned a very important lesson on behalf of all you young people out there…

Lesson #101: If you are going to go to a comedy show (a) don’t show up late and (b) don’t allow the ushers to trick you into sitting in the front row.  All this leads to is you being made fun of, berated, and pretty much used as a pawn in a comedian’s sick and demented show…. Of course it does create cause for some good laughs, and an epic memory for later in the evening. For those of you that don’t know this is the Purple Onion:

[fvplayer src=””]


Pretty much only going to talk about two…..well maybe three things in this post. The NDNU v. Dominican game, the up and coming, awesome, Battle of the Bay, WHO THE F**** is MERCY College and why is no body talking about them?  And finally, the CW Post V. Mercyhurst game… Ok, so I guess four things then.

NDNU V Dominican University @ KORET FIELD

Game recap:

From what I have read and heard it seems like a very closely contested match at Koret field. Very much back and forth with DU taking the lead going into the 4th. DU was up 8-7 in the beginning of the 4th. Kev Nguyen and Ryan “the bull” Hulsey scored two goals pretty quickly though and gave the Argos the 9-8 lead.  Cam Evangelho tied things out at 10-10 but it would be Greg Bearson who would put the Argos up at 11-10.  The game ended at 12-10 with a “cushion” goal by Derek Kimborough. Awesome game and I really wish I would have been there for this one. The Penguins have been getting close in the past two years but can’t seem to seal the deal.

OH BY THE way this was NDNU’s senior game, so solid way to go out for those seniors. Still unbeated by the Pens.

Argos stay 5-0 Pens go down to 4-2.

Some very Classy game pics

NDNU Lacrosse
This individual graduated. Happy smiles from the Senior Keeper. Mr. Sugar Shane Manley
NDNU Dominican Lacrosse
Good GB battle. Hand right on the wrist OUCH!!
NDNU Dominican Lacrosse
Explosive -Xzibit reference.
NDNU DOminican Lacrosse
If you are losing a faceoff, next best thing to do is sit on there head, Duh. WINNING
NDNU DOminican Lacrosse
Real solid FLOW here. Is that a Brazilian relaxer treatment or just a straight perm? Either way, Kudos!
All the chaps having a post game handshake chip chip cheerioooo!!
All the chaps having a post game handshake chip chip cheerioooo!!

This leads me to my next discussion topic…


So pretty much, the head coaches of both NDNU and DU decided to create one of the most breakthrough events in Northern California. The Battle of the Bay will pit the NDNU Argos and the Dominican Penguins in Historic Keezar Stadium. Hopefully this will be a yearly event and attract some great crowds.


The EVENT location

Right Smack dab in the middle of golden gate park.
Right Smack dab in the middle of golden gate park. Tickets there!

And Now On To the Mercy College Mavericks!

mercy college mavericks
mercy college mavericks

Ok…  So why isn’t anyone talking about this team?  In only their second year and they are ranked 6th in the nation? whaaaa?!?!?!?!  Yes, you heard it rght, and they are sixth in the nation and they are in the ECC. Want to know their ECC record?  It’s a mind boggling 5-1.

These boys are taking it to the rack with no discretion whatsoever. Could this be DIIs Stevenson? A meteoric rise in a super short amount of time? So many questions yet so few answers!  All I know is that if you haven’t checked this team out you better start now because these Mavs are going places.

GO MAVS!!!!!


So this game left much to be desired in terms of offense. Really, 4-3? Post pulls through a close loss in the ECC but made for a somewhat boring game. Reminded me of that Loyola – Towson game earlier in the year.   Ouch.

Here the Footage for youse….

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”C.W. Post Men’s Lacrosse vs. Mercyhurst 4/9/11″]


Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of some lax

Argentina LAX looking good

Congrats to Mr. Tumbas on the win

A little throwback for youse guys.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Foe Tha Love Of $ – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Eazy-E”]