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What is Lacrosse Recruiting Academy?

Have you ever asked any of the following questions when it comes to the college lacrosse recruitment process?

Can my child play college lacrosse? How do we start the college lacrosse recruiting process? Where do you begin? What should we know about the college recruiting process? How do you become recognized by college lacrosse coaches?

If you have ever asked any of these questions, the Lacrosse Recruiting Academy is a great resource for you.

What is Lacrosse Recruiting Academy?

Lacrosse Recruiting Academy is an online video course to help players and parents understand the college recruiting process. This includes video interviews with college coaches and professionals.

Currently, the first course online is titled, “Before you Start the College Lacrosse Recruiting Process” and is available right now. Currently, the course is about two thirds done more interviews being continuously added as they are recorded and edited. When this is finished, plans to work on the second course will begin developement in 2023. Course two will be titled, “The Things you Need to Know During the College Recruiting Process.”

Why did I start Lacrosse Recruiting Academy?

My name is Trenton Gafner, and the one question I am asked the most by parents is, “Can my child play
college lacrosse?”
The answer was always the same, “Yes, if they are willing to work hard to chase their dreams.”

There are so many different variables that separate schools from one another at the collegiate level, so it is always about finding the right fit. In my opinion, there is an issue in the college recruiting process. Everyone relies on so many different people to help educate the players and their family in the recruiting process, which often leads to misguided information.

To make the process as simple as possible, I developed Lacrosse Recruiting Academy. This allows families/players to receive advice first hand through interviews with college coaches, professionals, and other important figures they need to hear from. This much needed advice is extremely beneficial on multiple levels before one begins their college recruiting process, as it will save them time and money along the way. Education is power, and I wanted to provide the correct resources to families as they start the college recruiting process.

What makes the college recruiting process difficult?

The college recruiting process is different for every single person. Getting advice from others can be helpful at times, but differs from player to player. If you are a parent with multiple children, the entire recruiting process will different for each one of them. You might have kids that play at a different level, may have different academic paths or majors, and they may want different things from a prospective college entirely.

You might have a player that wants to be close to home and one that wants to be farther away. Players might want to be on a big campus or small campus. There are so many different factors that might come into play and you won’t be able to figure that out until you go on visits and meet with the coaching staff.

There are so many factors to consider throughout the recruiting process. Over the years I have guided players and parents alike throughout this journey. The best thing you can do now is to educate yourself about the process as a whole before you embark on it, so you can make the best decision when the time comes for you to commit to a school.

The college lacrosse recruiting process can be intimidating, right?

It can be, especially when it comes to how and where to begin. This video course is designed to guide you
through the process. This will help make it easier to start educating your family on your own time by taking some of the stress out of the process. Understanding the different levels of play can help your family begin to research what you and your child are looking for in a school. There may be questions you weren’t considering before the course that you will be able to ask college coaches on your visits.

Should I talk to my travel or high school coach about the college recruiting process?

The answer is yes. Please keep in mind, coaches only have so much time and they can’t inform you of all the things you need to know in a 30 to 60 minute conversation. This course helps you understand the process better, so that when you have conversations with your travel or high school coaches, it saves time for you and them.

The time saved can be used to build a plan of action with your coaches, and as you feel more educated about the process, they can put you in contact with certain college coaches following your conversations. Multiple travel and high school coaches love this course as they can direct families to it to help them understand the recruiting process at a more in-depth level.

What do I do if I’m unsure about signing up for the course right now?

It’s perfectly fine to be unsure. For more information, check out our social media on Instagram or TikTok using the account name, @CoalitionLax. There are consistent posts about the lacrosse content since this project has been in the works. Growing the game of lacrosse is a passion of mine and I want to help families with an area of need they didn’t know was necessary.

You can also follow this LINK to check out course transformations, see what coaches are in the course so far, who will be added there soon, the curriculum, and where to sign-up if interested.

The videos are easy to watch and listen to on car rides to practice, tournaments, or at home. They are broken into questions you want to have answered by each coach and the videos are short in length but have all the information you want to know.

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