brad-pitt-se7en-seven-end-scene1 what's in the box?
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What’s In The Box?!?!?!

brad-pitt-se7en-seven-end-scene1 what's in the box?
Seriously Brad, what's in the box?

We love getting boxes in the mail…  It usually means there’s some lacrosse gear in there for us to check out!  And yesterday was no exception.  I head out of the house to go pick up a delicious sandwich from my local deli, come back, and see a couple boxes sitting in front of the door.  What do they have inside of them?  I usually never know.

lacrosse boxes
Well, now I have a better idea of what's in them.

So without further delay, this is what was in the box:

Red STX Cell II Arm Guards Lacrosse
The STX Cell IIs. VERY excited to try these out!
Warrior Lacrosse Nation 11 Arm Guard matte red Brine Clutch X
The Warrior Nation 11 Arm Guards & matte red Brine Clutch X

Yes, I have tried on both pairs of arm guards.  And yes, the Cell IIs are incredibly comfortable and cover a really solid portion of my arm.  The Warrior arm guards are also really interesting, and I can’t wait to try them both out this weekend in my first Master’s tournament ever.  I’ve been getting beat up a little lately on the field, and needed a new pair of top notch arm guards.  So I’ll make sure to test these out and then give you guys the run down on both sets of pads next week!

Look for the MATTE RED Brine Clutch X to be given away later today in a Caption Contest!  This head is pretty SWEEEEEEEET!

Want even more SWEET gear news and information?  Then check out SweetSweetLax!!!!