Wheelchair lacrosse
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Wheelchair lacrosse draws crowds in Denver

Leaving the main festival game fields at the World Lacrosse Championships earlier this week in Denver, Mark (LaxAllStars.com’s Editor) and I noticed an outdoor box setup in the parking lot with loads of people crowded around. As we walked closer, we realized what was going on, snagged our cameras, and got in on some awesome Wheelchair Lacrosse action.

What follows are photos from a friendly matchup between two U.S. Wheelchair lacrosse squads. It was an honor and a pure joy to watch these guys play the game we all love so much. Having just lost a dear, dear friend earlier this week who was stuck in his wheelchair for over 50 years, I’ll admit that watching this game brought tears to my eyes, which I skillfully hid underneath my sunglasses as I continued to shoot photos.

Speaking with a couple of players from the white team later that afternoon, it was clear to me just how much these guys truly love lacrosse. Most of them pay their own way to events like this, which is not easy, for the chance to be play competitively and form a deeper connection with the medicine game.

We’ll be back with more photos as the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships continue throughout the week.