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Where Is The Best Box Lacrosse Near Me? You’ll Find It At The PrimeTime Galactic Games

Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. I reach for my phone to pull up Google. I start typing and ask the question that I lose sleep over, “Where is the best box lacrosse near me?”

Why Playing Box Lacrosse Is A Good Idea

OK, so that may be a bit dramatized, but feeding your box lacrosse addiction is a real thing. It’s not a version of the sport that a lot of lacrosse players in the U.S. play frequently, but it is growing. And, it is incredibly fun. When I first started playing a few box lacrosse leagues when I was growing up, including high school,  I almost had even more fun on the floor than on the field. I loved field lacrosse, but there was something about the novelty to me of suiting up in the big goalie pads and having a naturally-higher save percentage. And, I have to admit, the shots you would get hit by were like getting brutally beaten with a piece of cotton candy by comparison to the field game with the amount of padding you’d wear. In my opinion, the players on the floor had it a lot rougher having to soak slashes and take checks all of the time.

What’s also been really fun has been watching the highest levels of box lacrosse in the National Lacrosse League and other great box tournaments that feature players from the league. It’s incredibly fast-paced and there’s never a dull moment. Plus, with the success of the NLL over the last few years, now is a great time for young lacrosse players to hone their box skills if they have any aspirations of playing lacrosse professionally. The reality of the pro lacrosse scene is that a lot of players play in both the men’s professional field leagues and the NLL in order to earn enough money. I hope that changes, but for now kids that are really wanting to go pro would be wise to have a box skillset as well. It’s certainly not easy to play professionally and a small percentage of total lacrosse players are able to do it, but for those that are trying to do it, having box ability is a really smart move.

Where Can I Find The Best Box Lacrosse Near Me?

I would get out to as many box tournaments as one can. There’s a lot of great tournaments out there, and the Galactic Games hosted by PrimeTime Lacrosse this February 22-23 is aiming to be one of those. This is the first year PrimeTime will be hosting the event, and given what we’ve experienced at PrimeTime events, it’s pretty much a sure thing that this event will be fantastic, too.

The tournament will be held at the Seacoast United Indoor Arena, but if you trust Google reviews it has very high ratings with 4.7 stars for people’s experience. I’ve never been there before and can’t vouch for it myself, but it seems like a top-notch facility and I have heard good things. If you’re in the Northeast, and even at all close to New Hampshire, this would be a great tournament to go.

The tournament is targeted for 2020-2029 age groups and is sanctioned by USBOXLA. If it’s sanctioned by USBOXLA you can be sure that it will be a great experience as USBOXLA is the top box lacrosse organization in the United States and is focused on “properly establish(ing) and grow(ing) the sport of box lacrosse in America,” according to their website.

How Can I Register?

This is definitely a can’t-miss event. It will be worth the effort to be there. If you’d like to register for the Galactic Games, click the button below to visit the tournament page and register by clicking the green “Register Now” button on that page.

Galactic Games Info & Registration

I Need To Help My Box Lacrosse Addiction!

As I said, if you’ve never been played box lacrosse before, now is a great time to get involved. And, if you’ve already been hooked, the Galactic Games are a great way to have a really fantastic box lacrosse experience.

Below is a highlight video featuring the Penguins Select Lacrosse program playing box lacrosse. PrimeTime Lacrosse is partnered with the Penguins Select Lacrosse team, so this can get you ready for the Galactic Games in February.

Box Lacrosse With Penguins Select Lacrosse

PrimeTime’s Great List of 2020 Events

PrimeTime released its 2020 schedule, which we featured on the site last Friday. There’s a lot of other really great tournaments it will be hosting throughout the summer and fall. Take a look at the schedule and sign-up for one today.