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Who Does It Better?
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Who Does It Better? International Lacrosse

Welcome back to, Who Does It Better? We will showcase one match-up each week in which we put two people, places or even things up against each other and ask you, the reader, Who Does It Better? It’s all good-hearted fun though, and that should be pretty prevalent by our match-ups. Know of a good match-up we should feature? Let us know!


With International Week winding down, we wanted to continue to dedicate as much as we can to growing the game lacrosse the globe! Early this week, our reader poll featured a great vote on which continent you would want to most play lacrosse in. That got me thinking, with all the places we’ve traveled to in the past, or plan on traveling to in the near future, which one would YOU want to travel to most.

Each of these options is booming on the international scene and has great support both locally and with international ambassadors, all of which who want to Grow The Game in each respective area. With that, this week’s Who Does It Better, is dedicated to your International Grow The Game destinations!

Please remember! This is all in good fun, we love everyone featured in this series and couldn’t be more appreciative of their contributions to our great game!


Our January 2013 Game Grower of the Month, Patrick Dougherty has been actively growing the game in Turkey for several years now. This fall, we will get the opportunity to head over there ourselves with Team to compete for a tournament win, but more importantly to help boost the growth of this great sport in Turkey.

What’s better than a full week at an all-inclusive resort on the beach? Playing Turkey in lacrosse AND staying at an all-inclusive resort on the beach! Interested in playing in the Turkey Lacrosse Open? Hit us up at and we’ll shoot over the details.


Jamaica is an incredibly special country. Full of great culture, history, and beautiful scenery, there is no doubt that Jamaica would be a very inspiring place to GTG in. While Jamaica may be famous for their 100 meter dash and bobsled team, lacrosse is definitely on the rise and thanks to Kevin Dugan and the gang at Fields of Growth, lacrosse has also started to gain interest down there.

Jeff has been absolutely loving his time in Jamaica this week, we are excited to hear all the great stories when he gets back. You can check Day 1 and Day 2 of Jeff’s trip here.


Fields of Growth is also no stranger to Uganda, neither is LaxAllStars for that matter. Uganda Lacrosse is actively growing the sport. If you aren’t a fan of the Uganda Cranes Lacrosse blog on the LAS Network, you don’t have a pulse. Thanks to Tyler Steinhardt, we have been able to get an in depth look at what Uganda Lacrosse is all about.

Their Dream2014 campaign is a great example of the power that lacrosse can hold for a team and more importantly, a nation.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been working hard on the international scene working to grow the sport. Prague, the capital, has hosted an annual box lacrosse tournament for the past 20 years! Connor has been a frequent visitor of Prague in the past couple of years thanks to the Ales Hrebesky Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament.

You can follow everything on the Ales Hrebesky Memorial this week on LAS while Connor, Andy, and many more take in some Box Lacrosse overseas.


Last, but far from the least, the beautiful country of Thailand. Payu has been insanely active growing the game in Southeast Asia and has given us an in-depth look at his travels and efforts through the Thailand Lacrosse blog on LAS. First Thailand, now Singapore and Hong Kong, lacrosse just continues to boom!

Back in 2011, a select few were able to travel to Thailand and take part in the first-ever Grow The Game Invitational, a huge success of a game.

Know of a good match-up for our next ‘Who Does It Better?’? Hit me up on Twitter at @KriegShawLAS.

Who ya got lax nation, which country is your top destination spot for a lacrosse trip, whether to play in or Grow The Game in?