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Who Does It Better? The Accents

Welcome back to, Who Does It Better? We will showcase one match-up each week in which we put two people, places or even things up against each other and ask you, the reader, Who Does It Better? It’s all good-hearted fun though, and that should be pretty prevalent by our match-ups. Know of a good match-up we should feature? Let us know!


Connor Wilson gave me the idea for this week’s ‘Who Does It Better?‘, and being a Midwest transfer to Idaho, I’ve been teased a time or two about my own alleged accent (I swear I don’t have one). This week, we’ll take a more relaxed approach and give our main contenders a break from competition. With lacrosse hotbeds all along the East Coast, we want to stick to that region and something that is very common throughout the Northeast… accents!

We’ve all seen ‘The Fighter’ and ‘The Departed’ and tried to do our best impression of their accents, but which one is better – the Boston or Long Island accent?

Please remember! This is all in good fun, we love everyone featured in this series and couldn’t be more appreciative of their contributions to our great game!


For a textbook example of the Boston accent in the lacrosse world, we head straight to the Boston Rockhoppers of the NALL. I find myself terrified by Waltham’s finest, Jon Hayes, just watching this video.

If you aren’t convinced by Jon, check out this grainy video of the ‘Perfect Boston Accent’. Boston accents are known for their broad ‘A’ sound that gives you the Bahston over Boston.

Also, no one knows that the letter ‘R’ actually exists.

Long Island

I’ve met a few people from Long Island in my day and I can’t help but like every one of them, even with their Strong Island tendencies. For our Long Island example, we go back to the Brotherhood with Throne of String. Connor said Scott Barratta is our go-to for a great example of the Long Island accent.

Skip ahead to three minutes for a good run of examples.

Wish you knew how to talk with a Long Island accent? This lady is here to help and I can’t help but think of Lois from Family Guy. I don’t even want to act like I can pick apart what makes a Long Island accent Long Island, but check out this article to see what I mean.

Know of a good match-up for our next ‘Who Does It Better?’? Hit me up on Twitter at @KriegShawLAS.

Who ya got lax nation, which accent are you feeling, Boston or Long Island?