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Who Does It Better? Warrior Vs. Wood

Welcome to our brand new series, Who Does It Better? We will showcase one match-up each week in which we put two people, places or even things up against each other and ask you, the reader, Who Does It Better? It’s all good-hearted fun though, and that should be pretty prevalent by our match-ups. Know of a good match-up we should feature? Let us know!

In our very first match-up, we pit the single most seasoned Onondaga stickmaker up against the industry leader of plastic – it’s Alf Jacques vs. Warrior Lacrosse!

Both names are notorious in the lacrosse world, one for being the originator, and the other for being the innovator. Let’s break down the match-up.

Please remember! This is all in good fun, we love everyone featured in this series and couldn’t be more appreciative of their contributions to our great game!

Alf Jacques

He is a legend in the lacrosse world, a man who has made this great game his life’s work, and someone we can all look up to. Sometimes known as ‘The Stick Maker’, Alf Jacques has been making traditional wooden sticks for over 50 years, and during the woody’s heyday, Alf was creating around 11,000 sticks a year. He embodies what this game is all about and the reasons behind its creation.

To this day, he continues to create the original Iroquois style wooden sticks that the very creators of lacrosse used themselves.

If you missed it the first time around, you have to watch this video of Alf Jacques in his early twenties, making sticks, and talking about life and lacrosse. It is the best video you’ll see all year!

Warrior Lacrosse

The innovator and suited up mogul of the lacrosse world; Warrior has quickly and confidently become the industry leader in lacrosse equipment, and has recently expanded in a major way into the hockey and soccer industries.

Being widely recognized for their high performance technology and relentless pursuit of defending it, Warrior has secured its place as a top stick and equipment manufacturer. While they may not have directly come up with the patents for the offset technology, they have since acquired the rights to them (via New Balance) and continued to up the ante in the lacrosse world.

Warrior’s slogan is, The Means to Dominate. They certainly have those! Especially with being acquired by New Balance in 2004, and then NB acquiring Brine Lacrosse in 2007.

It doesn’t hurt that Warrior Lacrosse has also picked up lacrosse’s biggest name and arguably the best player in the game right now.

Warrior has always been known for their quirky commercials throughout the years.

And recently for keeping things trendy and changing up the pace.

So lax nation, Who Does It Better? The man who has kept to the game’s roots for over 50 years? Or the company that has continued to innovate the technology behind the game?


Who Does It Better?