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Who Wants To Coach (and Play) Lacrosse In Germany?

I’ve been talking with some of my German friends about heading over to Berlin for a little international lacrosse experience this Fall, and as I’ve done more research, I’ve started to come across more and more opportunities for American and Canadian players to #GrowTheGame in Europe, especially in Germany.

Artjom Merjasch hooked me up with four listings on Laxpower for German coaching positions, which are all linked to below. He also had this to say about lacrosse in Germany, and what kind of opportunity it presents to a knowledgable game grower:

The beauty of lacrosse in Germany right now is how quickly you can be successful. This is not to say that success in German lacrosse is easy to obtain by any means, but truly committed individuals will reap the fruits of their hard labour in a relatively short time, be it as a player or a coach. Within a year you can really make an impact on things, either by establishing a youth program, or by helping to turn a team around and become a championship contender.

Another aspect which makes lacrosse in Germany unique is the composition of most teams: you will have high school kids, college students, and adults with full-time jobs all clearing their schedule to be at practice, a game, or to just help someone on the team move appartments. Despite the less-than-ideal infrastructure for lacrosse in Germany, players and coaches seem to be compelled to invest heavily into this sport as a community. They travel to the Czech Republic to play box lacrosse, and will make 7 hour drives to play two games against strong competition.

It’s a wonderful time to be involved in German Lacrosse. Come on over and get involved!

Well, I’m sold! See below for some of the positions open in Germany right NOW:

Berliner Hockey Club – Lacrosse – Men’s Assistant Coach

Sport Club Charlottenburg (BLAX – Berlin Lacrosse Club) – Women’s Head Coach

DHC-Hannover – Men’s Head Coach

Stuttgart Lacrosse – Women’s Head Coach

Head on over to Laxpower’s Job Listings Section and search “International” in the drop down menu. You’ll find all four of these jobs, as well as one in Canada, listed there.