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Who Was That Masked Duck Anyway? [Good Morning LaxNation!]

earl_Oregon_ducksThis is longtime Oregon lacrosse fan Earl doing his best Miami Vice while strutting his stuff on the Ducks lacrosse field.

Today’s pic is sent from Will D. in Eugene.  If you have a fascinating bit of media you would like to see then do like Will and send it on in.

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A huge supporter of both the lacrosse and hockey teams at the UofO, Earl has a knack for firing up the troops.  He is best known for his motivational speeches and his epic “Running Man” dance during the 2007 MCLA National Tournament was the stuff of legend.

Earl’s favorite pump of speech for the Ducks was a reminder to:
Never sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things!

Words to live by.


Well, I’ve got style,
Miles and miles…

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