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Why We Love The Game: Brett Queener and Cort Kim

Brett Queener and Cort Kim share some sage advice on lacrosse with Denver City Lax players at the Grow The Game clinic. Check out the videos, and hear the gospel!

We really enjoyed listening to Cort Kim, Mike Powell, Matt Gibson and Brett Queener speak on why they love the game, how they fell in love with it, and what it takes to be great, at the Denver City Lax clinic we put on two weeks ago.

Their definitions of “greatness” were just so diverse, and everything they said rang true to our ears. It was like everything we felt and knew in our bones was finally being put into words.

First up we’ve got Brett Queener speaking with the Denver City Lax players about lacrosse, what it means to him, and what it can mean for anyone:

Then we get Cort Kim driving home the point that you can always be better, and the old man himself is a great example of this fact:

Cort, Brett, Mike and Matt all poured their hearts and souls into what they were saying, and we loved being there in person to soak it in ourselves. We thought it was only fair to share it with the rest of you!

For more excellent video from the Grow The Game Tour, check out Brett Queener: Hot To Score Off A Fake Shot, and a quick sick stick trick video from the Denver City Lax clinic. You want Duel in Denver video? We’ve got you, and it’s ALL impressive!

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