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WILA Showcase: Adams State Grizzlies Lacrosse

This week I had a chance to speak to one of the newest NCAA programs in the great state of Colorado, the Adams State College Grizzlies. I had a chance to speak to assistant coach John McCreery about the program, its goals, the WILA and more, and below is what he had to say.



Adams state grizzlies logo

Can you tell us a little bit about the History of the Adams State lax team?

This is our first year as a program, and in competition, in the NCAA.

Can you tell us about the School, Academic programs of particular strength, Location, etc.?

Adams State College is a Public College, which is part of the State of Colorado system.  Our Academic strengths are in Education, Math and Sciences, Business, Nursing, and the Liberal Arts.  For Public College; ASC boast a 18:1 student-teacher ratio.  ASC is located in Alamosa Colorado; 3 hours north of Albuquerque and 3 hours south of Denver.  ASC is the 2nd highest in elevation NCAA school: 7,544 feet. We have around 3,500 students at the school.  And more importantly, the new ASC Lacrosse and Soccer field is the highest collegiate Lacrosse field!

Told you guys Solid Video-age. NICE, NICEEEE!

Richardson Hall. Very historic looking action here
Richardson Hall. Very historic looking action here
Wish I had one of those in my House. Very slick Grizz statue
Wish I had one of those in my House. Very slick Grizz statue

Are there any athletic facilities of note? What kind of field do you play on? How is the gym, weight-room, etc.?

ASC boost a brand new Lacrosse turf field and lacrosse locker room facility.  Opening in May of this year is our new 50 million dollar Football Stadium with Jumbo Tron.  Plachy Hall contains the new varsity weight room and training facility, also the Field House which will be extended to add a full indoor turf field and track.  Adams State leads the way in Athletic Facilities in NCAA D2.  Adams State also has the most All-Americans than any other D2 college. In addition, the Grizzlies have won 45 National Championships.  ASC is an athletic college, where 1/4th of the student population is on a varsity roster.

Very nice facilities Indeed!

The Inside of Plachy Hall
The Inside of Plachy Hall
Plachy Hall Exterior.
Plachy Hall Exterior.

What is your current view of the 2011 Adams state Season?

Areas of strength: No team rides as hard as the Grizzlies!
Areas of improvement: Game Experience.

Notice any players who are really developing? For instance, players who are frosh and soph who you see being leaders in seasons to come?

Jordan Stillwagon (Frosh), Johnny Neal (Frosh), Anthony Willner (Frosh), and Maclean Piper (Frosh) all stand out.

Are there any other players who you would like to commend?

Kevin Bertrand (Soph) is a team captain, and a true inspiration on the field.

Mr. Bertrand Geting ready for the Top Cheezer. Look THAT form PERFECT
Mr. Bertrand Geting ready for the Top Cheezer. Look THAT form PERFECT

What’s your view and outlook for the next three years for the ASC lacrosse program?

Goals for the program: To be a top ten team.

Goals for the WILA: Expansion of the WILA to more RMAC schools and other D2s in the midwest.  To make the WILA competitive with the older stronger leagues in the East.

Goals for lacrosse out West:  More NCAA schools out West will give players more opportunites to play Varsity lacrosse in College.

What type of Student Athlete are you looking to recruit to Adams State College? Any particular focus on West coast bred players?

First we are looking for that lacrosse student-athlete who is a good person and wants to play NCAA Lacrosse at the top of the World (DP: LITERALLY the highest in the NCAA!).

Our Mantra is Colorado Tough… Therefore a player who enjoys the outdoors and wants to work hard to reach our NCAA goals.

Thanks to Coach McCreery and Head Coach Lamb for taking the time to answer my questions and providing the great multimedia. Good luck to the Grizz.



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