Will Manny PLL stats 2021
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Will Manny Is a Goal Machine: Four In-Depth PLL Stats

I dissected four PLL stats that tell the truth two weeks ago. Now through four weeks of games, I’ve updated those four key stats that reveal a deeper truth about what is happening on the field in the 2021 PLL. Here’s a hint: Will Manny is a goal machine.

Will Manny Adds Goals: PLL Stats

Keep in mind, a lot of manual tracking goes into determining these stats. It is possible that errors have been made in measuring everything necessary to calculate these numbers. Please bear with me.

Goals Added

Goals added is a shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off-cage shots and assumes all on-cage shots are saves (not a given) to factor in who is adding the most goals for their team.

Player (Team)Goals Added
Will Manny (Archers)8.12
Jake Carraway (Atlas)7.88
Paul Rabil (Cannons)7.58
Colin Heacock (Chrome)7.44
Sergio Perkovic (Redwoods)7.27
Zed Williams (Whipsnakes)7.23
Jules Heninburg (Redwoods)6.02
Jackson Morrill (Chrome)5.60
Ian MacKay (Chaos)5.50
Andrew Kew (Cannons)5.39

Points Created by the Dodge

This stat awards a point if a dodge sets up a goal by either drawing a slide or the player scoring himself.

Player (Team)Points Created
Myles Jones (Redwoods)14
Lyle Thompson (Cannons)10
Rob Pannell (Redwoods)10
Grant Ament (Archers)9
Zach Currier (Waterdogs)9
Colin Heacock (Chrome)8
Connor Kelly (Waterdogs)8
Tom Schreiber (Archers)7
Paul Rabil (Cannons)7
Jules Heninburg (Redwoods)7
Zed Williams (Whipsnakes)7

Points Allowed

This is the defensive equivalent of the points created stat (you don’t want to be on this list). Your one-on-one defense created offense either through a goal being allowed or a slide leading to a goal. I had to make some judgment calls in the two-man game.

Remember that the players who get challenged the most are most likely to get on this list, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, guarding Lyle Thompson is a good way to find your name here.

Player (Team, Position)Points Allowed
Ryan Conrad (Waterdogs, SSDM)11
Tyson Bell (Cannons, SSDM)10
Ryan Terefenko (Chrome, SSDM)9
Pat Harbeson (Redwoods, SSDM)9
Jack Kielty (Cannons, D)7
Dominique Alexander (Archers, SSDM)6
Michael Rexrode (Atlas, D)6
Dan Coates (Chaos, SSDM)6
Eddy Glazener (Redwoods, D)6
Christian Scarpello (Waterdogs, SSDM)6
Jake Bernhardt (Whipsnakes, SSDM)6

Faceoffs Equated to Goals

Using the approximate value of a possession, we see how many goals each FOGO adds by gaining or losing possessions in faceoffs.

Player (Team)Faceoffs Equated to Goals
TD Ierlan (Redwoods)10.81
Joe Nardella (Whipsnakes)6.90
Trevor Baptiste (Atlas)5.06
Connor Farrell (Chrome)-0.23
Max Adler (Chaos)-0.69
Jake Withers (Waterdogs)-1.38
Stephen Kelly (Archers)-1.38
Peyton Smith (Cannons)-1.38
Danny Logan (Atlas)-1.84
Drew Simoneau (Cannons – traded to Whipsnakes)-2.76
Kyle Gallagher (Chaos)-3.68
Thomas Kelly (Player Pool)-4.37

Updates to these stats from Winston Analytica will come every other week, providing you with up-to-date in-depth statistical analysis to give a deeper understanding of what’s happening every weekend. We shall see if Will Manny can keep it up as the goals added leader, if TD Ierlan remains atop the faceoff leaderboard, if Myles Jones continues to create points, and more.

You can find more about these stats at @WAStatistics on Twitter.